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Host engaging events that you can monetize

Use Balloon's secure and scalable technology to create shared experiences that attendees will talk about. Live stages, networking, or expos. It's all here!

  •   Unlimited stages (RTMP supported)
  •   One-on-one and small groups networking
  •   Sponsor and exhibitor tiers
  •   Sell tickets
  •   Advanced analytics
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Participate, don't just attend

Events are shared experiences that are all about learning something new and connecting with other like-minded people. At Balloon, we optimize for serendipity.

  •   Watch live talks from experts
  •   Meet companies and get to know their products
  •   Expand your network
  •   Join the conversation
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It is simple and easy to create and publish online events. Create your organizer profile on Balloon manager and build your first event.
Advanced Tools
Integrate with your favorite tools such as Slack and Intercom, analyze events data, and build unlimited stages with Balloon Studio or RTMP.
Monetize your events
Setup advanced virtual booths with different tiers, assign sponsors to various activities, and customize your online event branding.
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