About Us

Balloon is an online events platform that enables conferences and exhibitions to build and run their events virtually.

At Balloon, we believe that, fundamentally, events are shared experiences happening during specific periods between a group of people. By bringing events online, we don't mimic the real world, but instead, we focus on creating shared experiences and meaningful connections.

Our mission is to create more connections and shared experiences in a greener world by leveraging the power of technology and virtual events.

At Balloon, we're focused on building more value for both our users and the community of organizers. We want to empower users to get better access to more content and people around the world and enable organizers to build better and more profitable events at scale.

We also want to equip and educate non-organizers to create and organize events for their communities and industries. We pledge to our community to always build our products and features with love and provide customer service with care.