Disruptors North

Wednesday, Oct 20, 9:00 AM - Wednesday, Oct 20 2021, 5:00 PM (UTC)

The shockwaves from the pandemic have combined with the acceleration of technological progress to give a jolt to every company, in every sector, in every geography.

The North of England was already working hard to be at the forefront of the technology that will shape the lives we have in the future.

These innovations that are changing everything from how we shop, how we heat our homes, and how we stay safe online, to how our football teams find the next superstar, and how we grow our businesses are all being imagined and implemented here.

Disruptors North is a one day virtual event that will showcase the businesses already leading the charge and the next generation of entrepreneurs and companies that are aiming to transform the regional, national and global economy.

It will encourage and inspire business leaders and managers who know they need to become a disruptor. It will also inform you on what is being done by our politicians and policymakers to attract technology companies and investments, boost skills and create the conditions for innovative businesses to flourish.

The event will feature experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs alongside some of the most exciting young technology companies from across the North.

Welcome from Alex Turner & Opening Keynote address from Juergen Maier
Wed, Oct 20, 2021 9:15 AM
Disruptive technology brought to life

Deloitte will lead a high-energy, interactive session that will unravel what we mean by disruption and disruptive technology. It will be brought to life with a truly disruptive Northern case study and the session will touch on trends we’re seeing and how these may evolve in the future - including some pitfalls and risks to look out for!

Helen Cutting - Partner - Deloitte

Jonny Sharp - Director - Deloitte

Kent Mackenzie - Partner - Global Head of Fintech & RegTech - Deloitte

Bob Brown - COO - Emis Group

Pete Hanlon - CTO - Moneypenny

Wed, Oct 20, 2021 9:30 AM
Putting digital transformation at the top of the boardroom agenda. Making the case that digital success is about more than just technology

Digital transformation has become a huge topic of conversation in the aftermath of the pandemic, as organisations across all sectors look to ensure that their business operations can fully harness the power of digital technologies.

But the process of digital transformation is about much more than throwing investment at expensive tech stacks and tools that rarely get used. Instead, it’s a people-driven process and an organisational and operational culture that comes from the boardroom.

Mark will explain how to go about winning that argument and ensuring that everyone in the business is bought in to your digital transformation agenda.

Mark Preston - Performance Strategy Director - Stickyeyes

Wed, Oct 20, 2021 10:30 AM
Switching the lightbulb on: How to grow a disruptive business

Taking the inspirational idea and turning it into an investable proposition is a huge challenge - but the rewards can be huge for those who can deliver on the ambition. Learn how to manage growth while staying disruptive.

Alex Turner - Joint MD - TheBusinessDesk.com

Amul Batra - Chief Partnerships Officer - Northcoders

Ashwin Kumaraswamy - Fund Manager - Mercia Equity Team - NPIF

Naomi Timperley - Co-Founder - Tech North Advocates

Jonathan Thompson - CEO - Bank North

Wed, Oct 20, 2021 11:00 AM
The city of the future - revolutionising the urban landscape

Cities are constantly evolving but with the pandemic fueling a change in working patterns how is technology shaping the future of our cities.

In this session the panel will consider how our urban areas are becoming smarter from smart buildings to smart roads. It will also look at how technology is shaping planning and share an insight into what's next for our cities.

Ben Ormsby - Yorkshire Editor - TheBusinesssDesk.com

Dr David McKee - CEO & Founder - Slingshot Simulations

Edmund Barrett - Senior Business Development Manager - Tuya Smart Eurasia

Ralph Varcoe - Chief Growth Officer - Connexin

Stephen Muldowney - Business Development Manager - WeLink Communications UK

Fraser Hamilton - Head of Commercial - Ribble Cycles

Wed, Oct 20, 2021 11:00 AM
Selling Northern tech to the world - how the region is becoming a hub of excellence

The North of England is a hub of excellence when it comes to technological advancement and the globalisation of the offering is rapid. To understand the cross border dynamics of international technology, we have assembled a panel of speakers who represent major global ‘inbound’ players and Northern ‘outboard’ organisations who are leading the charge taking Northern technology overseas.

Steve Crow - Business Development Director - Clarion

Richard Moran - Senior Partner - Clarion

Sarah Tulip - Head of Digital Transformation - BJSS

Ian McAleese - Sr Director of HR International - Snowflake

Claire Paxman - Director of Training & Strategic Initiatives - Paxman Scalp Cooling

Dave Tucker - Founder & CEO - Glean

Wed, Oct 20, 2021 12:00 PM
The North's next-gen disruptors

Who are the disruptors of tomorrow? We hear from Freeserve founder Ajaz Ahmed about what it takes to to be a pioneer before showcasing 5 businesses from across the North who have found a niche and have the potential to be the exciting tech-led companies of the future.

Alex Turner - Joint MD - TheBusinessDesk.com

Ajaz Ahmed - Chairman - Quba

Nikhil Seghal - Co-Founder & CEO - Vastmindz

Naudia Salmon - CEO - WeDrifters

Gary Woodhead - Founder & CEO - Curveblock

Cameron Lee - Head of Strategy - Total Processing

Craig Clement - COO - G20 Water Technologies

Wed, Oct 20, 2021 1:00 PM
Using data to fuel your transformation
Wed, Oct 20, 2021 1:00 PM
Developing a workforce for a tech-enabled economy

The digital skills gap is one of the most critical economic problems facing the North. Leaders need to be able to understand and embrace the opportunities from disruption and their companies need to employ and develop individuals with the skills to make it happen...otherwise they will be left behind. Having and keeping the right skills and talent in the business, and building diverse, resilient teams with fantastic leaders is extremely difficult with the current war for talent. But it is a battle that you can't afford to lose.

Shelina Begum - North West Editor - TheBusinessDesk.com

Arlene Bulfin - Director of People Development - UKFast

Mo Isap - Founder & CEO - IN4 Group

Hayley Robert - CEO - Dstology

Paul Green - Chief Commercial Officer - Godel Technologies

Kirsty Devlin - Head of Growth - Manchester and Leeds Codes

Anna Dick - CTO - HiringHub & Non Executive Board Member - Tech Nation

Beckie Taylor - Founder & CEO - TechReturners

Charles Knight - Associate Dean - Salford University

Wed, Oct 20, 2021 2:00 PM
Using space technologies to rocket fuel your disruption

Space technologies may feel like it is light years away from day-to-day business life, but the innovations and enhancements continue to drive disruption. Make sure you're not a sleeping satellite and hear from Northern businesses who are using these technologies to become stars of their industries.

Ben Ormsby - Yorkshire Editor - TheBusinesssDesk.com

Mandy Ridyard - FD - Produmax

Craig Brown - VP of Major Programmes - SatixFy Space Systems

Alan Cross - Business Applications Regional Ambassador - European Space Agency

Joel Freedman - Regional Innovation & Design Lead - Satellite Applications Catapult

Wed, Oct 20, 2021 2:45 PM
How tech for good can change our lives for the better

The post-pandemic recovery is being framed around a "build back better" motto. Tech for good already had growing momentum, with it acting as an umbrella term for using technology to deliver better services, connecting communities, and addressing social, environmental and economic challenges. How do we use technology to improve our communities and society for the benefit of all?

Shelina Begum - North West Editor - TheBusinessDesk.com

Florian Marcus - Digital Transformation Advisor - e-Estonia Briefing Centre

Gemma McCall - Founder & CEO - CultureShift

Nick Hill - Founder - GovShare

Dr Jackie Mulligan - CEO - ShopAppy

Wed, Oct 20, 2021 3:30 PM
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