Pennines Business Show

Thursday, Apr 29, 10:00 AM - Thursday, Apr 29 2021, 3:00 PM (UTC)

Welcome! I'm delighted to see you here for our latest digital business show.

Your ticket gains you admission to both the main Bartercard Expo area, all of the Taurus Utility Seminars, The Adsmart by Sky Stage and the Networking Area.

You’ll find businesses from every corner of the business world from across the North West and Pennines Region. You can meet them virtually and have a live video chat or start your own networking table and see who dives in to chat!

Have a great day!


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PLAY ON DEMAND - Targeted TV advertising for business of all shapes and sizes
In this session, you’ll hear all about AdSmart. AdSmart is the revolutionary approach to TV advertising which levels the playing field, so businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the unrivalled power of TV. With AdSmart, different ads can be shown to different households watching the same programme. This means businesses like yours can now advertise on 100s of the nation’s favourite channels, but only to the audience that matters to you. The award-winning platform allows you to select households based on factors like age, location and affluence. AdSmart’s precision radically reduces the costs, making TV advertising possible for almost any business. Many businesses think that TV advertising is out of their reach. AdSmart has turned that thinking on its head – making TV relevant and affordable for businesses across the UK. Liz McNamara, Marketing Manager at Get The Label said: “It allows you to create that national, big-brand identity in a very targeted way…for (the audience) you are a big business on TV, and AdSmart allows you to create that at a household level.“
Thu, Apr 29, 2021 10:00 AM
PLAY ON DEMAND - How to get 1000's of views of your posts & engage with your ideal clients
Most people are posting on LinkedIn and getting virtually no engagement. They also don’t know how to find connect and engage with their ideal prospect effectively. I will share with you five steps to writing great posts and the magic of the feed formula, how to optimise your profile and connect with your ideal customers without being pushy. Come to this session to find out how to unlock the true potential within your LinkedIn Profile. This is a value-packed session showing you the 2 sides to LinkedIn and the 3 key things to achieve in each of those areas. Simple, powerful and effective. You will find out the simple strategies to implement right away to help you get found (for what you want to get found for); add value to your ideal clients and prove your credibility to them. You’ll also learn the simple 3-part strategy to make this work for you. Miss this and you will miss out on getting (more) business consistently from the world’s most powerful platform for connecting and doing business, bypassing the gatekeeper and connecting directly with the people who will become great clients for you and your business. There are millions of LinkedIn Profiles, meaning there are millions of Business People looking for Business Opportunities as a means to create more revenue for their Business. This is fantastic!! Without cold calling and by employing the right strategies you can do business with your ideal clients from anywhere in the world, leveraging your time in the process! Don’t miss how to get business via Your LinkedIn Profile. Connect with me on LinkedIn (well obviously!) or get in touch via the contact form.
Thu, Apr 29, 2021 10:00 AM
How to be a Networking Ninja - Networking nuggets to get you noticed & get Referrals
Business isn’t won by cold calling, it’s won by building relationships one conversation at a time. Your net worth comes from your network, so trust, likeability and knowing how to get introductions to your dream customers is essential. This seminar will give you a series of networking nuggets that you can use at any networking event or general business meeting. You will learn some new approaches to getting the right introductions, develop additional networking know-how, have a few aha moments and leave with a new networking mindset.
Thu, Apr 29, 2021 10:15 AM
Speed Networking Session
Get your elevator pitch ready, no need for physical business cards here, all matched digitally with a new partner every 3 minutes. Just get your webcam focused and warm up the vocal chords for digital networking!
Thu, Apr 29, 2021 10:45 AM
It's your time
Finding your success can be a difficult thing. Chris puts it all on the table here telling you exactly how he’s got to where he is today with an award-winning national business and what you need to do to get on the right path to find happiness in your life and your business. #spolier it isn’t by working on your business. You have everything you need. It’s your time.
Thu, Apr 29, 2021 11:15 AM
Shit Happens on the Road to Success
“Sh*t happens” as they say and when you’re on the road to success you’ll realise that it’s not stopping it that is your biggest challenge it’s learning to deal with it that is key. As a high achiever striving for, even more, you already understand how important it is to maintain optimum performance and excellence or you wouldn’t be where you are. To go on to the next level you know that you need to surround yourself with like-minded successful people and go the extra mile. in order to create the success and fulfilment within your business and life. You have goals that you want to achieve in your life and in this Masterclass Geoff Nicholson will help you develop the courage to level up your life and create a life that would transform your business, relationships with your family and friends. Don’t worry when sh*t happens, Geoff will show you how to deal with it. As you will see browsing through my website, I am a father and husband above all else secondly I am passionate about what I do and supporting people like you, who I guess want to create a life of happiness, fulfilment and of course success (whatever that means to you) reaching higher levels of performance and developing a mindset for living your exceptional life. Check out the schedule for details of timings or reach Geoff directly via his website.
Thu, Apr 29, 2021 11:45 AM
The Business into Brand Tour
One of the most powerful interactive talks you’ll hear this year! (or so people have said). Everything you need to know about building a brand. The Business into Brand Tour. Why? Because it’s a no-holds-barred rollercoaster ride; which might challenge, shock and rattle how you’ve been processing all things brand, marketing, position, service, price, team, profit and more. Adam’s ‘Business into Brand Tour’ is purposefully crafted for business owners, senior leaders and anyone else that’s interested in creating positive, step-change level shifts in their businesses over the next 6-12 months. He’s confident once you’ve listened with an open mind, you’ll be armed to walk away and implement one of the many elements or strategies to make a sizeable and positive shift in how you operate. If you also want to book some One-to-One time with Adam at the show, head over to and reserve yourself one of the limited 20-minute sessions. Adam’s expertise and wisdom coupled with his creative and straight-shooting style make him an engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking speaker for almost any business event. Adam pulls from vast experience and outcomes explicitly tailored to his clients’ specific needs, opportunities, and challenges; alongside his formidable futurist mindset which can be visionary, to say the least. Adam’s heightened emotional awareness allows him to speak passionately about his own journey, creating instant trust and empathy with an entire room. It’s those quick deep connections that can make his sessions so powerful and memorable. If your audience has any interest in brand, marketing, or business, Adam will bring a refreshingly challenging and entertaining approach to your event, that will remain with the audience for a long time to come. If you like the sound of the above and would like to talk sooner, feel free to get in touch… ‘Book a Chat’ at or call 0333 5671167 or get in touch to be introduced to Adam.
Thu, Apr 29, 2021 12:15 PM
Super-Hero! Confidence & Resilience for business owners and staff
Confidence and resilience are two key factors that help to ensure business owners and their staff successfully stay positive, manage and overcome various challenges small businesses face. The ever-growing change and uncertainty of running a business, especially during and a post lockdown world, require you and you teams to successfully manage these challenges and overcome them in a positive manner that keeps the momentum and motivation. Failure to do so have led to stress, anxiety, poor performance and moral and at worst days of sick and impact on mental health and wellbeing. Therefore, it’s become a high priority to build and maintain strong work practices and cultures underpinned by effective Confidence & Resilience. In this practical and engaging short talk Professional Business & Confidence Coach, Lateef Badat of ALB Business & Confidence Coaching will share will show you how to bullet proof your confidence, maintain your resilience and think more positively, despite the challenge’s life and business throws at you? Since COVID-19 increased client demand has led Lateef to work with more business owners and their staff on maintaining a Positive Mindset, tools and techniques to deal with and manage stress and anxiety, improve confidence and getting their MoJo back to improve overall mental health & wellbeing. Lateef is a SFEDI / IOEE qualified business mentor, advisor and coach specialising in helping creative, digital, media and tech business owners and their staff to transform their mindset and unlock their potential. Lateef inspires lasting change that helps drive the business and people forward through dynamic one to one coaching and webinars / workshops.
Thu, Apr 29, 2021 12:45 PM
Networking our way through ’21
Right now, it has never been more important to build, strengthen bring mutual benefit to our network. Right now, it has never been more important to identify the low hanging fruit, make the sales we can, and strengthen our business for the future. In twenty minutes Stefan will tell you how to join up your networking and social media, how to spot when someone in your network is getting ready to buy from you and, crucially, how to act on that to maximise your results. This is a brand new presentation. Don’t miss it.
Thu, Apr 29, 2021 1:15 PM
Closing Networking
Thu, Apr 29, 2021 1:45 PM
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How To Be A Networking Ninja – Networking Nuggets To Get You Noticed & Get Referrals
It's Your time
Sh*t happens on the road to success
The Business into Brand Tour
Super-Hero! Confidence & Resilience for business owners and staff
How to Use Facebook Ads to Boost the Sales of Any Business
Networking our way through ’21
How to Stop Just Connecting and Start Getting Business via Your LinkedIn Profile

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