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7:00 PM - 9:30 PM, Jan 6 (UTC)

Hey you!

Yes, you!

Welcome to Virtual Property Networking. If this is your first time at this reception desk then I salute you for finding us. If you have been here before, welcome back and well done for your persistence! If you are interested in property and you want to network with like-minded people you are absolutely in the right place. The best feature of our events is that we offer 1-1 networking not group networking like some Zoom meetings offer and the best speakers in the industry. So, well done YOU for finding us!

Now let me explain a little bit what is Virtual Property Networking and who it is designed for. Virtual Property Networking is an online event taking place every 1st Wednesday of the month at 19:00 till 21:00. We are the first Networking Event and still the ONLY Virtual Property Networking event that offers 1-1 networking opportunity to its attendees. We are the first property networking group that introduced 1-1 networking in the UK and in the world. The first networking event we had people from almost 21 countries back in May 2020 and we will do our best to continue to offer the best networking platform to all our attendees.

Virtual Property Networking Events are designed for anyone in property big or small. If you wish to know and hear expert opinion on the latest legal frameworks or latest update in a particular area, this is the right place for you. Virtual Property Networking is a place of respect and mutual support. I am not so keen on old fashioned networking events and wish to keep networking events light, entertaining and mindful of people’s different lifestyles, attitudes and mental health conditions. We all need to work towards a goal but we also need to understand the importance of mental health.

You can find us on Meet Up and Eventbrite, Facebook and Linkedin. Please sign up where convenient but also please join our Meet Up Group as it offers RSVP option to members. Also, as we use different platforms please kindly sign up for tickets in our website www.virtualpropertynetworking.com

The schedule of these events is as follows:

19:00 1-1 Networking Session

19:15 Welcome Note and Speaker 1

20:00 1-1 Networking Session

INSTRUCTIONS: To attend the event, go to our website https://virtualpropertynetworking.com/ and click GO TO EVENT . Sign into the platform and join the event when the LIVE sign is on.

Look forward to seeing you. 




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